Thursday, July 16, 2009

Singing in the Rain

A massive, huge storm front moved through our town last night. Not exactly moved. More like settled in for a few hours. The topper to a fun evening: power outage! Just as I was about to heat up dinner! So, after a cold dinner, we sat in the dark. And sat. And sat. It was only 7 but dark because of the gloomy skies. And it was dark because I got rid of most of my candles when the kid came along. Fire and kids don't mix.

So, since there was no longer thunder and lightening, and no power, we decided to do what everyone should do when it rains: play in it! My kid loves to play in the rain. And he loves to wear his rain gear. And I love to take pictures of him playing. It's a win-win situation.

I love that happy look on his face.

And I love the blue of his outfit. So I thought I'd turn it all black and white and bring out the blue. But I forgot to do the blue of his eyes! Oh well! I still think it's cute.

And here we are looking at the cool green/yellow sky that only comes after a storm.
This photo is untouched.

This one's been given a little tweak of the blue. Since you know I love blue!

And that's it! Our power came on not too long after this. But we sure did have fun!

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